About Us

About Us

Lenitt Technologies, Inc is a financial software technology company (Fintech), and our main objective is to build a new set of tools, solutions, and “cutting-edge” technology specific to the financial services industry. Our goal is to help financial institutions, and bank leadership increase overall technological capabilities, and in the process improve the utilization and performance related to Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Data Utilization, CRM Platform, AI Powered Solutions, Blockchain, Emerging Payment Technology, Infrastructure Optimization, and Financial Digital Transformation strategy, solutions and technology.

We are able to accomplish this by developing innovative, customized, cross-functional, turnkey solutions with built-in intelligence, advanced analytics, and interactive digital banking capabilities made for the most critical roles, and functions in the banking industry today.

At Lenitt Technologies, we build “Next-Generation” Digital Banking Solutions, and Financial Technologies that were designed, and created by very successful current and former bankers, product managers, technology professionals, Fintech, and Bank Executives in the Financial Services Industry. 

Our focus will be on the evolution, acceleration, and modernization of Financial Services, Financial Management functions, and the introduction of advanced and interactive “Digital Solutions” that will reduce the current manual intensive process, increase automation, and improve internal process efficiencies, and operational performance for the banks, their most critical functions, and also for their business clients. Lenitt’s technology provides a major competitive advantage versus the bank’s direct competition.  

“Our goal is to offer financial institutions, their product managers, and client-facing relationship managers with a new set of tools and solutions that provide immediate access to key client and competitor data, which was never captured before. In essence, we want to help increase data collection, data utilization, and collaboration across the bank ( ”New Ecosystem”) so that leadership and bankers can make more strategic and intelligent relationship, and financial management decisions”. Lenitt’s CEO – David P.

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Our objective is to build a cross functional, fully integrated platform with built-in intelligence, advanced analytics and interactive digital banking solutions for the financial services industry.

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