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Our Advisory Services

Lenitt Technologies’ vision is to become a preeminent advisory firm to financial institutions and their leaders, dedicated to improve the bank’s strategy related to Innovation, Infrastructure and Digitalization. Our firm strives to capitalize on the lack of experience, success, and resources by most financial institutions in the markets, and industries they serve by providing strategic advise, and advisory recommendations that have proven successful in other large financial institutions and global banks.


Our firm maintains an experienced team of senior-level consultants, advisors and operating partners with deep financial services experience across all phases of the business cycle. Our advisors have completed numerous engagements and assignments by providing M&A work and consultative advise from prior corporate roles. The Advisory Team provides bespoke transaction execution and analysis in the following areas:

  • Advanced Bank Sales Officer (Commercial RM, TMO, BDO) sell and cross-sell Acumen, Strategy, Business Plan and Execution   
  • Sales, Business Development, New Client Acquisition, and New Market Entry Strategy and Business plan
  • New Loans, New Balance and Deposit Acquisition Strategy
  • TM Products, Services, Solutions and Technology Comparison Analysis, Pricing, ERP Integration, and APIs
  • Bank, Treasury Management and Payment Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Client Presentation and Pitch-Book – Digitalization and Interactivity
  • Client Presentation and Pitch-Book – Digitalization and Interactivity
  • General Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Solutions Strategy, Analysis, Business Plan, Testing, Implementation, Roll-Out, and Execution
    • Data Analytics
    • Data Science
    • Client and Product Predictability Solutions
    • Real-Time Engines and Recommender Systems
    • Next-Best Solutions Engines, UI and UX

Our Value Proposition

We are a Next-Generation Financial Digital Transformation Company in the Cloud.

We build Intelligent, and Innovative, Digital Banking Solutions for banks and for their clients.

We are a Financial Software Technology company with 25 years of financial services experience.

We build Infrastructure Optimization Solutions and Technology for banks of all sizes.

We build solutions with the most sophisticated Cybersecurity protocols in the market.

Our digital technology has been used by the NFL, NBA and ESPN, during Prime-Time televised games.

Our Mobile CRM provides the Digital Channels to make client relationship management easier.

Our Solutions are a perfect fit for Commercial, Regional, and Community Banks. and for Credit Unions.

Our goal is to automate, and optimize the relationship and financial management function.

A complementary solution for Business Bankers, and Treasury Management Officers in their roles.

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Our objective is to build a cross functional, fully integrated platform with built-in intelligence, advanced analytics and interactive digital banking solutions for the financial services industry.

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