Special Dedication

Special Dedication

Lenitt Special Dedication

In Loving Memory of my cousin Carlos Manuel Icaza who introduced me, thought me and motivated me to become an entrepreneur and to focus in technology. Carlos Manuel was the original founding member and the creator of several other technology start-ups that became successful over time. From his days working at Adobe and Macromedia, he led engineering teams, and was instrumental during the beginning stages of Mobile, Mobile Technology and Mobile gaming going back to 2004. He was also an entrepreneur having co-founded and created several technology companies including Corona Labs, Lanica Platino and River Cities Technologies where he did work for the NFL, NFL Teams, NBA and Live televised games in ESPN.   

With over 20 years of engineering and management experience, having shipped leading and award winning, industry-standard applications such as Flash Lite (deployed in over two billion devices), Flash Authoring, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Mobile Device Central, Adobe Illustrator, SVG, Adobe Pagemill, Micrografx Windows Draw, and Deneba Canvas.
Carlos left a legacy behind and will be remember by all of us, and his loving mother Teresa Arguello de Icaza.      

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