Client and Competitor Statement Repository

Client and Competitor Statement Repository

Tag-Line: A sophisticated Sales, Data, Document Repository and Relationship Management Solution. Is a Complementary Solution for RMs, TMOs, and existing CRM solutions.

Description: A customized client and competitor statements repository, and data management solution made specifically for RMs, TM Officers, Portfolio Managers, and Product Managers to safely capture, secure and manage client data and related documents. Acts as a centralized repository for all client documents, and client relationship information, and provides insight into their structure, and the bank’s direct competition. Our solution also provides a diagnostic review, and deeper analysis of your clients book of business by RM, TMO, market, industry, company size, and competitor bank. An intelligent and analytical tool that compliments the role of Relationship Managers, TM Officers, and existing CRM solutions, and in the process be able to make more strategic, and intelligent decisions about their clients, new services and their needs. With our Client and Competitor Statement Repository and our Dashboard Xpress, Bank Presidents and Leadership can now track, compare and analyze key client and competitor data by bank segment, RM, relationship team, market, industry, client size, and competitor bank name. This insight allows bank leadership, and their front-line relationship teams to better prioritize client, and prospect opportunities, while been able to manage more efficiently their client relationships, new sales, and active deals opportunities. “Our company’s main goal is to build a “new set” of Complementary Tools and Solutions specific for several key roles and departments within the bank, and in the process help increase internal process efficiencies, employee and sales performance, and optimize the functional role of business and client relationship managers across the bank”. At Lennit Technologies we want to make relationship management easier.

The Benefits


Gain access to key client and competitor data never captured before.


A complementary solution to your existing CRM solution.


A complementary solution for RMs, Commercial Lenders, TM Officers, and TM Product Managers in their roles.


A centralized repository for all client documents, and competitor statements.

Relationship Management

Make faster and more intelligent relationship management decisions.


Increase data collaboration across the bank, and make more strategic decisions.


Our solution provides an analysis of your clients book of business, and tracks live opportunities.


We help banks create their own Competitor TM Product, and TM Pricing Library.

Financial Benefits


We help banks gain access to new client and competitor data by approximately


We help increase data collaboration by approximately


We increase data utilization by approximately


Our Solution helps increase Infrastructure Optimization = $.


Our solution complements existing CRM solutions, and increases CRM utilization by approximately


Gain access to competitor TM

Product, and TM

Pricing information by



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