TM Product Management Solution

TM Product Management Solution

Tag-Line: Collect, Analyze and Share Competitor TM Product information with TM Product Managers.

Description: A customized, turn-key, and easy to use Treasury Management (TM) Product Management Solution made specifically for the Financial Services industry, and TM Product Managers. Gain immediate access to competitor TM Product, and TM Pricing information never captured before, then share data collectively across the bank.  Make faster, more intelligent, and strategic decisions about your existing TM Product offering, and new TM Product development. Our solution provides a direct channel of communication between front-line relationship managers, TM Consultants, branch managers, and the bank’s TM product managers. It also provides bank leadership with insight into their client’s most immediate product needs, by market, bank segment, industry, and product type.

The Benefits


A direct channel of communication between the relationship team and TM Product Managers.


Make faster and more intelligent decisions about your TM Product offering and new Product Development.

Competitor Intel

Share competitor TM Product, and TM Pricing information directly with each TM product manager.

Increase Sales

Identify and develop the right new TM Products that your clients need the most, and that are more effective.

Easy to Use

Customized, scalable, easy to use, and implement.


TM Product Managers gain access and insight into your client’s most immediate product needs.


Our solution brings together the collection and collaboration of new ideas, and team members.

Competitive Advantage

Our solution provides a major competitive advantage versus the bank’s direct competition.


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