Co-Founder, President & CEO

Profile :

Creator, Architect, Visionary, fully responsible for the company’s Direction, Strategy, Product Design, and overall Execution.

Background :

David is a Financial Business Transformation Executive, a serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Strategist, Innovator, a Creative Mind, and Fintech expert, with 25 years of combined experience in Corporate Finance, Financial Services, and Technology. He’s held multiple strategic leadership positions, and served as a strategic advisor, and steering committee member to several global, and US banks in different capacities, and this includes: Chase, Bank of America, Citi, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs.

During his journey in banking, David has been able to create and implement sophisticated strategies to improve, enhance, redesign, optimize, and transform over (100) banking products, services, solutions and technologies, for both financial institutions and Fintech companies. David’s direct contributions, influence, and responsibilities in banking have included: Fintech, Bank Innovation, AI Enabled Solutions, Bank Analytics, Data Science, Open Banking APIs, Treasury Management Sales/Services, ERP Integration with APIs, Emerging Digital Banking and Payment Solutions, and the successful design and implementation of “Next-Generation” Sales, Infrastructure Optimization, and Financial Digital Transformation -

David’s main goal is to help bridge the gap between very successful global trillion-dollar ($) banks, and the rest of the banks including Regional and Super Regional Banks, Community Banks and Large Credit Unions. He also has a deep understanding of the modernization and evolution of the banking industry, and Fintech.

David is also the co-founder, creator, and architect of several successful technology start-ups that have helped revolutionize several industries; by developing and designing Next-Generation Digital Solutions, Technologies, and Enterprise Platforms that have been utilized by the NFL, NFL Teams, NBA

Success Story :

2 of these companies were sold successfully. And, 2 of these companies made the NYT, Fortune Magazine, Good Morning America, and ESPN in the first 5 months of existence.

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Our objective is to build a cross functional, fully integrated platform with built-in intelligence, advanced analytics and interactive digital banking solutions for the financial services industry.

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